Mask4Party is the #1 shopping destination for party masks!

Humbly starting by selling wacky bow ties online three years ago, Mask4Party strived and evolved to become and represent something bigger. Our company regards masquerade masks as more than just masks. There is a collective unity that transforms a bland night to a lively night for all age ranges to enjoy at any contingent affair.

The feedback we get is more than ratings; it molds into stories. Testimonials and reviews transform into memorable anecdotes: a weekend at Burning Man, an adorable night for teenagers at Senior Prom, or a beautiful wedding night. It still makes us incredibly proud to not only deliver marquee products in the most efficient manner safely to your doorsteps, but it is more important to us to be a part of the undeniable human experience.

We sell masks of all designs and colors to match any outfit in your closet.

We guarantee top-notch quality. All masks are carefully handled and shipped in protective shipping material to ensure your package arrives safely at your doorstep.

Our mission is to provide the best customer service possible, we promise a stress-free shopping experience - we've been in the masquerade mask business for over 3 years.

Please email us, we'd be happy to assist you if you're planning a party for a group of friends or co-workers.